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At National Pipe & Plastics in Endicott, Rep. Molinaro Pushes For Passage of Bipartisan Bill To Support Local Workers & Revolutionize Energy Efficiency On America’s Farms

Endicott, NY – Standing today with representatives from the pump manufacturing industry and local workers at National Pipe & Plastics in Endicott, a manufacturer of plastic pipes, U.S. Rep. Marc Molinaro (R-NY-19) called for passage of the Leveraging Efficiency Awareness for Pumping Systems (LEAPS) Act to support local workers and revolutionize agricultural efficiency.

Rep. Molinaro was also joined by Matt Siegel, President of National Pipe & Plastics, Kevin Koonce, a representative for the Vinyl Institute, the trade association for Americans Pipe Manufacturers, Michael Michaud, Executive Director for the Hydraulic Institute, North America’s largest association of pump manufacturers, Nick Burlingame, the Mayor of Endicott, and Tompkins County Legislator, Mike Sigler. Rep. Molinaro introduced the bipartisan bill alongside U.S. Reps. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI-7) and Yadira D. Caraveo (D-CO-8).

Farmers in Upstate New York use complex pumping systems to deliver water to livestock and crops. However, many of these systems are energy inefficient, outdated, and leak water – leaving farmers with an inefficient system that wastes money. According to research, transitioning to more efficient pump systems, like the ones produced by National Pipe & Plastics, can save American farmers $1.8 billion in energy costs, reduce carbon emissions by 8.3 million tons, and save up to 22 billion kilowatt hours of energy on an annual basis.

Despite the benefits, many farmers do not have readily available information on how impactful upgraded systems can be and are unaware that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has programs available to help farmers afford the upgrades. Rep. Molinaro’s bill requires the USDA to publish a webpage that offers accessible information on energy efficient pumps and pumping systems as well as information on USDA programming to help fund upgrades. It also requires the USDA to train employees on the benefits of efficient irrigation systems so they can help farmers implement more efficient practices.

Rep. Molinaro said, “The workers at National Pipe and Plastics build a fantastic product for farmers. Their pipes are critical components of pumping systems, made with modern materials, high standards, and alleviate many issues older systems have. Farmers know what’s best for them and their farms, we just want them to know that these systems are out there and there’s federal support available to make the switch. This is a bipartisan bill that’s going to help farmers, our environment, and the men and women who proudly produce these pump systems right here in Endicott. That’s why, I’m calling for the passage of my bill and using my spot on the House Agriculture Committee to move it forward with the Farm Bill.”

Ned Monroe, president and CEO of the Vinyl Institute said, “We are proud to support this bipartisan legislation that will help farmers to save money and conserve energy and water. This legislation also recognizes the indispensable nature and versatility of plastic pipes, which have a proven track record of over half a century for delivering clean water. The Vinyl Institute and our members extend our sincere thanks to Representative Molinaro for reaching across the aisle to craft a common-sense bill that will benefit American agriculture, manufacturing, and the environment.”

Michael Michaud, Executive Director of the Hydraulic Institute said, “Congressman Molinaro has been an incredible partner in drafting the bipartisan LEAPS Act and navigating Capitol Hill. After a House Ag Committee Field Hearing in Binghamton last April, where upstate NY pump and pipe manufactures testified about the benefits of energy efficient pumping systems, Congressman Molinaro convened stakeholders and engaged Democratic Members of the Ag Committee in the process of drafting legislation. Congressman Molinaro made it clear from the outset that bipartisan legislation provided the clearest path to the President’s desk. The LEAPS Act was introduced by the Congressman with two Democratic Members of the Ag Committee as original cosponsors - Congresswoman Slotkin (D-MI) and Congresswoman Caraveo (D-CO)."