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Rep. Molinaro & NY GOP Rally Against Gov. Hochul’s School Budget Cuts

Lawmakers to Hochul: Stop Putting Undocumented Immigrants Over Our Children’s Education

Binghamton, NY – U.S. Rep. Marc Molinaro (NY-19) today introduced a Congressional Resolution alongside New York State’s Republican Congressional Delegation to urge Governor Kathy Hochul to rescind her 2025 New York State budget.

The Governor’s budget reduces funding for hundreds of schools across New York State, including over half of all schools in New York’s 19th Congressional District, while providing $2.4 billion to provide undocumented immigrants with legal assistance, housing, transportation, healthcare, and jobs. If Governor Hochul’s cuts to schools go through, schools could be forced to make up the difference by shuttering special education and disability services, cutting mental health resources, and more.

Rep. Molinaro said, "Governor Hochul is prioritizing undocumented immigrants over our children's education. Cutting funding for schools will inevitably jeopardize crucial disability services and mental health resources. We cannot let extreme left immigration policies ruin our children’s future. Governor Hochul: reverse course.”

Rep. Tenney said, "Once again, Governor Kathy Hochul and Albany Democrats are putting illegal migrants and their progressive agenda ahead of New York’s children. Hochul's misguided decision to cut critical funding from taxpayer-funded schools threatens students' learning, especially as they continue to recover from COVID-related learning loss, and their access to valuable disability services and mental health resources. I stand with my New York Republican colleagues in demanding she reevaluate her priorities and support our children over illegal migrants!"

Rep. Garbarino said, "This self-inflicted New York City migrant crisis shouldn't be paid for on the backs of our children. Our children must come first. The needs of New Yorkers must be placed before those of illegal immigrants. I urge the Governor to change course and do what’s right for our kids and our state.”

Rep. Malliotakis said, “New York Democrats’ sanctuary policy that’s turning hotels, schools, federal parks and senior living facilities into encampments for unvetted migrants from all over the world is unfair to surrounding communities and the taxpayers who are being forced to foot the bill. Because of State and national Democrats’ reckless policies, the Governor is now slashing hundreds of millions of dollars from schools across the state, including over $130,000 from New York City. This crisis is unsustainable and unsafe for everyone involved, and the fact that our Mayor and Governor are cutting services from citizens to continue funding free giveaways to illegal immigrants is insane. Our children deserve better.”

Rep. D’Esposito said, “Governor Hochul’s misplaced priorities have placed the interests of migrants over Empire State students by slashing education funding while dedicating billions to those who crossed through our porous borders. I am calling on Governor Hochul to immediately reverse course and stop punishing New York students for Joe Biden’s disastrous migrant crisis.”

Rep. LaLota said, “A politician’s budget proposal is indicative of that politician's values and it is clear from her budget that Governor Hochul values migrants over our kids. As the husband of a teacher, father of three young girls, and a New York taxpayer, I’m appalled by the Governor’s heartlessness. Her decision to hurt our kids, especially in counties that voted against her, is Cuomo-esque bullying. The Governor is yet again putting politics before people and every New Yorker should be vocal against Hochul.”

The migrant crisis is having a devastating impact on education in New York. Students at New York schools have been forced to stay home to accommodate migrants at their schools, and now, the Governor’s budget threatens to exacerbate existing issues. Rep. Molinaro has been fighting back. He authored and passed the Schools Not Shelters Act in the House with bipartisan support to prohibit schools from being used as shelters for migrants. Rep. Molinaro has also called on New York to repeal its Sanctuary State status and is pushing for enactment of the Secure the Border Act.