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8 Bipartisan Molinaro Bills Set To Become Law With Passage Of FAA Reauthorization

With President’s Signature, Molinaro Will Have 11 Bipartisan Bills Signed Into Law Since Taking Office

Washington, DCU.S. Rep. Marc Molinaro (NY-19), a member of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, today voted to pass legislation that reauthorizes the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) safety and infrastructure programs for the next five years. This legislation, which passed with bipartisan support and will head to the President’s desk for his signature, included 8 bipartisan bills that Rep. Molinaro authored.

Since coming to Congress, Rep. Molinaro has passed 38 bipartisan bills in the House. Once the FAA Reauthorization becomes law, he will have had 11 bills become law.

Specifically in the FAA Reauthorization, Rep. Molinaro advocated to include measures that will stop aircraft maintenance jobs from being moved overseas, improve the air travel experience for individuals with disabilities, help Upstate New Yorkers secure jobs in the aviation industry, advance unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technology, and provide funding opportunities for local airports. He also advocated for inclusion of measures that support aviation unions and allow Kingston-Ulster Airport and the Wurtsboro-Sullivan Airport to be eligible for federal funding to make airport upgrades.

Rep. Molinaro said, “Today is another win for good governance and bipartisanship. With my support, we are enacting a FAA reauthorization bill that is pro-worker, pro-innovation, will deliver more support to travelers with disabilities, and has strong support from Republicans and Democrats. During the negotiations, I fought for Upstate New York’s priorities and am very proud to have six of my bipartisan bills become law with this legislation.”

Transport Workers Union (TWU) International President John Samuelsen said, “On behalf of TWU workers, I’d like to thank Congressman Marc Molinaro for his work on the FAA Reauthorization bill and efforts to include the Global Aircraft Maintenance Safety Improvement Act. It’s been a long road, now the House and Senate have finally come together to stand up for aviation workers and the traveling public. Repair work on American planes should be done in the United States of America by licensed and qualified American mechanics, who are – by far – the best in the world. This bill is the product of years of hard work by our TWU members from coast to coast to protect our jobs and make our aviation system safer for workers and travelers alike. The TWU will keep fighting to ensure that critical safety personnel won’t see their livelihoods upended because bottom-line-obsessed corporate executives see workers and safety as impediments to maximizing profit. The TWU thanks lawmakers who stood up for TWU-represented Aircraft Mechanics, Flight Attendants, Ramp Workers, Dispatchers and Pilot Simulator instructors to pass a critical bill.”

Summaries of Rep. Molinaro-led measures included in the bill:

  • The Global Aircraft Maintenance Safety Improvement Act. Rep. Molinaro introduced this bipartisan, pro-American worker bill. It establishes a global safety standard for foreign aircraft repair stations and removes the incentive to offshore aircraft maintenance jobs.
  • The Access and Dignity for All People who Travel (ADAPT) Act. Rep. Molinaro introduced this bipartisan bill to improve the air travel experience for individuals with disabilities by improving seating accommodations, establishing a Known Service Animal Travel Pilot Program, and providing guidance for airline staff.
  • The Aviation Investment and Recruitment (AIR) Act. Rep. Molinaro introduced this bipartisan bill to help Upstate New Yorkers secure jobs in the aviation industry by increasing federal funding for the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Aircraft Pilots and Aviation Maintenance Technical Workers Programs.
  • The Future of Aviation Act. Rep. Molinaro introduced this bipartisan bill to help airports in Upstate New York fund Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) projects. These projects will move people and cargo between areas underserved by current aviation hubs, including rural areas.
  • The Drone Safety and Efficiency Act. Rep. Molinaro introduced this bipartisan bill to advance unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technology and create good-paying jobs. It does this by streamlining the process for UAS operators to receive approval for flying at a distance that is outside of the normal visible range of the pilot, also known as Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS).
  • The ACPAC Modernization Act. Rep. Molinaro introduced this bipartisan bill to add a travel agent representative to the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Aviation Consumer Protection Advisory Committee. This measure ensures travel agents, who advocate for airline consumers, have an elevated voice in the DOT’s consumer protection regulatory process.

Rep. Molinaro also drafted and advocated for the following bipartisan measures that were included in the bill:

  • Making private reliever airports, including the Kingston-Ulster Airport and the Wurtsboro-Sullivan Airport, eligible for Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funding. This program delivers federal funding for airport infrastructure upgrades.
  • Added representation from the labor community to a number of FAA advisory committees, ensuring unions have their voice heard in federal aviation policy.