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Rep. Molinaro Presents Long Overdue Medals to Army Veteran & Catskill Resident

  • Rep. Molinaro Presents 5 Long Overdue Medals to Army Veteran & Catskill Resident

Leeds, NY — In a ceremony yesterday, U.S. Rep. Marc Molinaro (NY-19) presented five long overdue medals to David Lyons, a U.S. Army Veteran and Catskill resident.

Mr. Lyons, who was joined by his family for the ceremony, earned medals for his service in Kuwait, Qatar, and Afghanistan, but never received them. After contacting Rep. Molinaro's office, the Congressman worked with the National Personal Records Center (NPRC) to get Mr. Lyons the medals he was due.

Rep. Molinaro said, "After Mr. Lyons reached out to my office, we diligently worked to secure the medals that he was due. With deep appreciation for his service, I was proud to present David with these honors. This ceremony holds profound significance as we express our deep appreciation to David and reaffirm on our commitment to ensuring that every brave veteran has their sacrifices recognized."

Rep. Molinaro presented the following awards:

National Service Defense Service Medal: A decoration awarded to individuals who have served in the U.S. military during times of national defense.

Armed Services Reserve Medal: 
A recognition given to members of the Armed Forces Reserve who have completed a designated period of service.

Army Service Ribbon: 
An award presented to U.S. Army personnel for the successful completion of initial entry training or participation in a designated U.S. Army campaign.

Global War on Terror Expeditionary:
 A distinction bestowed upon service members who have participated in military operations contributing to the Global War on Terrorism.

Global War on Terror Service: An award acknowledging the commitment of military personnel who have been engaged in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

Afghanistan Campaign Medal: 
A medal recognizing individuals who have served in the Afghanistan Campaign.